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GT Testing

Weatherford ISD GT nomination forms may be obtained from your campus office and returned to your campus GT Specialist through the school office. Forms can also be downloaded from the first page of this site.

The following are district guidelines concerning GT identification:
~Students may be nominated for the gifted and talented program by teachers, counselors, parents, or other interested persons.
~A selection committee shall evaluate each nominated student according to the established criteria and shall select those students for whom gifted program placement is the most appropriate educational setting.
~Assessment tools may include but not be limited to the following: achievement tests, intelligence tests, creativity tests, behavioral checklists completed by teachers, and student work products.
~Nominated students shall be assessed once during the spring semester.
~Students who do not qualify may not test again until two years have passed (ex: a 1st grade tester who did not qualify may not test again until 3rd grade.)
~Parents and students shall be notified in writing upon selection of the student for the gifted program.