Juan Seguin Elementary School

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Check-out Procedures

The Seguin Library is open all day for student check-in and check-out. 
Kinder and first grade students check out a class set of books to keep in their classroom for two weeks at a time. These are checked out on their library day. Students who have a signed form on file may check out one book at a time to take home and read with a family member. They may return the book at any time and check out a new book.
Second through fifth grade students come to the library once every two weeks. They are allowed to have two books checked out at a time. They may return these books and check out new books at any time.
There are no fines for overdue books. However, a fine will be assessed for damaged or lost library books. All books NOT renewed within six weeks may be considered lost. 
Students are instructed on library procedures and ways to keep up with library books while keeping them safe. However, students are expected to pay for lost or damaged books.