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Welcome to Ms. Goforth's Corner

Hi. I'm Gina Goforth, and I'll be serving as an inclusion and resource teacher, providing support to our students who need just a little bit more to blossom and grow. 
Conference period: 11:35-12:20 P.M.
After school office hours by appointment only. 
I'm originally from Tennessee where I graduated from Freed-Hardeman College, but my mother was from Azle, and I got back here as soon as I could. I have been in Texas since 1993. I homeschooled my own children before beginning work with public schools in 2014.  I've taught in all levels of school from Head Start to high school.
Wherever I am, I love helping students to enjoy learning and exploring. I'm a big believer in the power of "yet," and I work hard at building their confidence until they believe that they are capable of learning. Once we get that settled, then the real fun begins! I love to teach reading skills so that they can explore the world through books and other media beyond videos. It makes my day to see a child's face light up when they realize they just did something (like read a passage or solve a problem) that they previously thought they would never be able to do. I look forward to a year of helping your children discover their real potential. 
I have a lot of allergies, so please don't send students with strong scents. Even wonderful smells like favorite body sprays, candles, Scentsy type products and scented hand sanitizer make me dizzy and nauseous. It doesn't matter that it smells wonderful; it still makes me sick, and I can't give my best to your children in that condition. 
I am a bookaholic. I love to read, and I've collected way too many books in my home. I try to  make this enthusiasm contagious in the classroom. 
I love almost anything chocolate and all kinds of nuts, but I can't eat berries or most tropical/citrus treats. My default drink is Dr. Pepper, and I love ice cream!
I have my classroom corner decorated in aqua/teal, but I also love rosy pink and lavender (the color, not the scent/herb.)
You may see me struggle, but you'll never see me quit.
White Christmas, my family used to gather in the living room with popcorn, my mom's homemade bon bons, apple slices and Pepsi to watch it together on a cold winter evening. 
I love my Bible. I'm presently reading Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping With Attention Deficit Disorder. I also love any book that my grandchildren will snuggle up to listen to. 
HOBBIES: I love to make things, so I enjoy lots of different crafts. I like working jigsaw puzzles, and one of these days, I want to write a book about all the crazy stuff my kids said and did when they were little.